Hello blogging world! I have struggled to get here, but all of the sweetest rewards involve struggle, don’t they? After many trials and errors, here it is-my first blog post.

The choices I have made here are deliberate. The layout of the page is simple by design. “Extra or decorative elements often result in visuals that feel cluttered,” (Reynolds, 2014, p. 34) and I agree. I feel that I have enough complications in my life right now, and the space and lack of clutter appeals to me. According to Reynolds (2014), “Type can set a mood” (p. 39). I want my readers to set at eased, so I have chosen accordingly. The font, Noto Sans, is simple. The background color is fresh and vibrant and reminds me of home. Green tends to be associated with luck, health, balance, and calm (Reynolds, 2014, p.79).

My word cloud depicts who I am, or at least, how I see myself. It is in the form of the apple, symbolizing the role of education in my life. The colors are earthy and natural. Roles which define me best take prominence in size, jumping into the forefront of the picture.

I chose the photo above because, not only is it a picture from my driveway, but it represents a road well traveled, familiarity,  peace, tranquility, and beauty. Not only that, but the entryway seems to beckon a crossover, which I am working towards by entering the master’s program and crossing over into a new career path. Beyond that crossover is a breathtaking vista that beckons me. The journey excites and scares me at the same time. You are welcomed to join me as I start this trip.

blog pic



Reynolds, G. (2014). Presentation zen design: A simple visual approach of presenting in today’s world (2nd ed.). New Riders.


14 thoughts on “Shareandish

  1. Sharon – The view from your driveway is stunning! Wow! I like the non-cluttered simplicity of your blog. Nice choices in colors and font. Your tagxedo is also well done. I am also a teacher and a mother and those 2 roles are my biggest roles in life at this stage too. Love the mix of words you chose here!

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  2. Hi Sharon,
    I love the view from your driveway! It looks so peaceful. I agree with keeping the blog design simple. I also chose to use WordPress for my blog. I liked that many of the template options allowed for photographs to be large, which makes a statement or sets a tone when used with well-chosen words.

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  3. First, let me say I am completely jealous that is the view from your driveway! I like the fresh background, I was finding white a little too blank for my personality. It seems like you made thoughtful choices about conveying who you are and keeping it simple too. Nice balance! I love the title – great word play!

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  4. Uhh…I’m moving in with you!!! I miss my Appalachia, having moved from WV I’ve lived in King William county and the Richmond metro for 17 years. GORGEOUS!!!! About the blog – well explained!


  5. Sharon,

    With a view like that, I would find a way to work from home!! However, I doubt that I would get much done, since I would spend most of the time staring at the mountains.
    Your site looks great – nice and clean with no distractions. Everything has a flow and mirrors the view from your drive.
    Take care,


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