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motivator985b0a366b90996529113409b0e5f94d1a650456 (2016). Public Domain Picture/18403.  Retrieved from CCO


This image spoke to me. Not only am I in love with the mountains, but the curve of the road drew me in. What’s around the bend? At this time of year, maybe I myself am around the bend. The school year is drawing to a close, and things are, indeed, hectic. I found the tranquility of this picture soothing.

I enjoyed playing around with many of the tools in the sandbox this week,  and I am excited to use some of them next year in my classroom. I found several of the features on Big Huge Labs fun to play with. I would like to have my students use this site to create movie posters based on books they read.  They could find images that represent what they think the characters in the book look like and put them on the posters. Another Big Huge Labs tool I like is the CD/DVD cover maker; it would be great for students to use to make a cover for a soundtrack they put together that fits the mood of the book they read. The Trading Card feature would be fun to do a character study with; students could find a photo that fits, and give statistics about each character. Additionally, the  Motivator tool could be used to explain different literary techniques, such as irony, foreshadowing, conflict. Students would select photos to represent a feature of each element. I also think that the Fold Play website is interesting. The Foldbook would be a fun and engaging way for students to show sequencing in a story.  So many fun tools in the sandbox.

childhood-71651_1280.jpg (2016). Public domain pictures/18043. Retrieved from: CCO



5 thoughts on “Creative Commons

  1. I always have my students create soundtracks for at least one book that they read. They love putting them together! I also did a “Soundtrack to My Life” project with 8th graders one year, where they 8th graders had to choose three songs that helped them in life, remind them of a specific time or person, or represent them in some way. They had to write expository paragraphs that used direct quotes from the song and explanation to describe why the song is on their soundtrack. I gave them bonus points for drawing or creating album covers, but at the time I didn’t know about Big Huge Labs. Now that I know that tool is out there, I’d probably make the cover art a requirement, and let them use that resource. Trading cards is also a really cool feature. They could use them for review, make their own games, and I really like your idea about using them for characters, like baseball cards! Neato:)


    1. Thank you. I love the idea of the “Soundtrack to My Life” you shared. We do a project each year where students create their own books and have them published through a company called Student Treasures. Students each compile writings, both poetry and prose (mostly all autobiographical), and make illustrations to accompany what they have written. We send the books off and they are bound in hardback. They are very inexpensive, and the results are wonderful. Each student has their own book with only their writing in it. They each even design the cover for their book. I was just thinking that the “Soundtrack” writing would make a great addition to that project.

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  2. I love the What’s Around the Bend Photo. As a new student in this cohort, I was thinking “What’s around the bend for me?” I would love to become a librarian at a middle or high school and maybe, someday, head librarian. Who knows. You spoke about it being the end of the year so I was thinking about how this picture could be projected in class and the students could write about what’s around the bend for them. They could a reflection about the current year and an outline of hopes and dreams for the future.

    I also love the sandbox image since these are our Sandbox assignments. What other significance does that picture have for you? For me it says, ” schools out for summer, time to hit the beach.”


    1. I love the idea of using the bend in the road as a writing prompt at the end of the year, especially since my kiddos now head to high school. The sandbox does seem to be Lon me to the shore as well!!:)


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