Infographic to Honor the Champ!

muhammad-ali-572571_640  CCO

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Muhammad Ali. I chose his life as a topic for my infographic. I decided after looking at the other infographic tools to use I have to admit, this was not my favorite project. After a lot of trial and a great deal of error, I came up with a finished project that I think is satisfactory. I’m sure there are many uses for the infographic in a classroom, but I need to spend a lot more time practicing before I feel it is something I could use in an efficient way. If it takes too much time, I am bound to go for something that works quickly and effectively. I felt that perhaps the paid subscription would have opened up more choices for me; I felt very limited on icons etc. Moving things around on the page seemed difficult to me.

I chose the background (bricks) to depict the legacy that Ali built for himself. I tried to keep the graphics, text, and font simple as I feel that it is easier to follow. I agree with Reynolds that you should keep it simple.(Reynolds, 2014)

muhammad ali infographic.jpg

Dishner.S.(2016). Muhammad Ali CCO

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Reynolds, G. (2014). Presentationzen design: A simple visual approach to presenting in today’s world. San Francisco, CA: New Riders.

4 thoughts on “Infographic to Honor the Champ!

  1. Very cool idea! I like your background choice. Ali was tough. Did you know that he once dodged 23 punches in 10 seconds? I think students would find your infographic to be interesting.


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