Exploring the World of Webpages


Student in library from Pixabay:https://pixabay.com/en/library-books-shelves-student-922998/ CCO

In my exploration of school library webpages, I’ve found many that have caught my eye. One of my favorites is NES Library Webpage. This one is a Weebly webpage.The bright and colorful homepage with cheery graphics immediately grabbed my interest. The tabs were easy to follow and the information that they provided was well laid out. The pages were organized well, full of information, but uncluttered, and the links that I clicked on were all functional. One of the things I liked most was the link to Tumble books:a website that reads aloud stories and provides animation. There were links to class projects, links to resource materials, poetry links, and more. It was an all around great site.

Another Weebly webpage I liked was West District Library. I liked the information it provided although I liked the layout of the NES Library much better. I loved that they featured book recommendations written by students and showed photos of the students holding the books. I think students would love to be involved like this. The website also features links to Geisel, Newberry, and Caldecott award lists. There are links to research sites and all sorts of technology tools.

Both of these sites helped me get some ideas of what I wanted to do with my website design. I started putting together a webpage using Weebly. I’m only in the beginning stages, but excited to develop it into an exciting new page.


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