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I had so much fun playing around with the video tools in the sandbox this week. I played around with sharalike, powtoons, realtimes, and animoto. Some seemed to be more suited for classroom use than others.


I liked Animoto, but I felt that the backgrounds were a bit busy for what I was looking for. When presenting to a classroom, I felt that the Animoto backgrounds would be too distracting. I feel it would be more suited for personal use.

Powtoons reminded me of Voki a bit. I thinks students would have fun with this one. The animated characters and props that are available are fun. I could see students using this to do book talks. Middle school students would be able to use this tool easily; I think it may be a bit difficult for younger kids to use, but they would enjoy watching the teacher created videos.

I had a hard time picking between Sharalike and Realtimes as a favorite. I loved how easy it was to add photos on both and I liked the music choices on both. I thought the choices on Realtimes was just a bit better. You can download your own music on many 0f these though if you don’t find something you like.

In the end, I was most impressed with Realtimes. I felt that it was very easy to use. I enjoyed the music selection and thought the transitions were good. I could see this being effective in a classroom. I think it would be a good way to show classroom projects or a field trip. It would be fun to make a slideshow at the end of the year showing pictures from throughout the school year.I loved the pared down look of Realtimes. It was an app that I downloaded onto my phone. I had a bit of trouble getting a link to my Google Drive. I think it ended up functional. I have used Google Drive a lot at school, but I guess I’d never had to try to share a link like this. It may have something to do with it being a phone app. I liked how I was able to add captions and titles to the slideshow. This would be a great tool to use when introducing a project that students need instructions on.



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  1. Music is key if it is going to be incorporated in a video. I will definitely check out realtimes, since it seems to have a good selection, and the option to upload your own music. It seems like you mostly see it as a documentation or presentation tool. Are there any content-related projects you would consider having students do while using realtimes? Could be cool in science…they could document going through the scientific method and doing an experiment.

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  2. I love your thoughts on Realtimes. I did not look into that choice but feel inspired to now after reading your review on it. I’m especially liking the idea to use this after a field trip. I always like to do a field trip follow-up but usually do an old-fashioned paper response. The idea of creating a video is great! Do you think the students would have to take pictures though? That seems daunting – uploading them all, etc. Definitely a site I’ll look further into!

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  3. Your thoughts on Powtoons are exactly ho I felt. I do not feel as if this presentation tool would be best for the younger students to use, yet for educators this gives them something else to use besides PowerPoint. I enjoyed Sharealike, but not as much as I did with Animoto. I felt this would be great to use as an Icebreaker among the first week of school. I used this to present at our annual staff day.

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