This week’s sandbox was jam packed with lots of fun goodies to help keep presentations from becoming stale. If we don’t branch out from Power Point, we stand the risk of our presentations becoming flat. Finding new tools to make presentations is always exciting and fun to play around with, and this week’s options were plentiful. Some tools are easier than others and appeal to me because they are user friendly. That being said, easier tools sometimes have limitations on what you can do with them.

Sharalike is one such tool. I like the simplicity it offers. You really can’t mess it up. Creating a project using Sharalike would be feasible for students even in the lower grades. The website offers up many options of music and even allows you to upload your own onto your presentation. The musical varieties present lots of different choices depending on what you seek for your website. I think this would be a great tool to use when teaching tone and mood. Students could select pictures and music that depict a certain emotion. This is a great site to use if you are just presenting photos of a project or assignment. I was disappointed that I found no feature that allows you to add captions. But I played around and came up with my own sample.
Here is a link to a project I put together using Sharalike.

I found to be easy to use as well. It offers you projects like collage, slideshow, and movies. Like Sharalike, it offers a good variety of music to accompany your show. I think this tool is also best suited for presentations involving photos without captions or instruction. I created a project to give you an idea of what it does.

My favorite, though, was Blendspace. Wow! I love the features that permit you to add links to webpages on your slides, insert items from google drive, and even allow you to collaborate with others on your projects. You can access premade lessons and search and insert from Gooru, Flickr, YouTube,Dropbox and TES as well. You can even use the quiz creator on slides to insert questions as you go. I think this would be a great tool for groups to use collaboratively. I am all for team Blendspace to keep it fresh!

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5 thoughts on “Presentation Tools: Keepin’ it Fresh!

  1. You are right, there was sooo many goodies to play with this week. I hadn’t tried the Sharalike site so it was neat to watch your presentation to get a sense for the app. I could totally see it being used at any grade level or to present an end-of-year review of some sort. Well done!

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  2. Sharon, loved the “fresh salad” opening image! I also enjoyed the Sharalike “Trip to the Aquarium,” it immediately made me realize what some of my 5th grade field trips might look like in that tool! For some reason, the Slidely wouldn’t load, it may have been my browser (I was using Firefox). And thanks for the info. on Blendspace, you’re the second blogger I’ve read that has loved it, so I will definitely need to revisit it! Great post!

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