Best of the Best Websites


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The AASL 2015 Best Website list is jampacked with lots of great teacher resources. It was difficult for me to narrow the list down to three favorites, but here they are:

Google Classroom

I was drawn to this one immediately since the new school I am going to be working at this year encourages all teachers to use it. I have not had a chance to check it out until now. I love that it allows collaboration between teachers and students and it seems like a great tool to use to keep the problem of missing work at bay.I love that you can create documents for each student and that their work is automatically organized.   I went in and actually set up my classrooms on there and posted the first word study assignment documents for my students.I also set up a page for my lesson plans so that I can share with my principal this year.  I look forward to sharing documents and staying organized with this great tool.

Google Classroom

Remind 101

This one is a website and an app. Remind 101 is a fantastically efficient way to communicate with parents through text messages to their phones or email messages. Mass reminders can be sent out in an instant to let parents know their is a book report due, a field trip coming up, or library trip scheduled. Messages can be sent to individuals also and you can even set up your account to allow the receivers to text back. Sometimes reaching parents by phone or getting notes home proves unreliable. Remind 101 taps into the resources that most parents have on them at all times, their cellphones, and for those that can’t receive text messages, email is an option. Remind 101 will even notify you if you are sending a message out at a late hour and give you an option to schedule it to be sent at a later date. I love the convenience of Remind 101. Communication just got easier.

My Storybook

I love that this tool allows students to write a story and create a cover for the digital book they write, incorporating writing and illustration into projects, and options are plentiful. They can create a cover by selecting a scene, objects, drawing, or even adding their own saved objects. Not only that, but they can add pictures throughout the book along with their text. Access is available without signing up and students can use the website to write individual stories and do collaborative projects as well. However, if they want to save stories, signup is required. A reminder tells them to use a parent email if they are under the age of 13. Stories may be as short or as long as the project requires as users can continue to add pages (I am assuming unlimited as I kept adding and it never stopped me). Students love creating books that they can save and print. I would also incorporate some peer editing when using this tool. Students could give one another feedback before story completion.

My Storybook






2 thoughts on “Best of the Best Websites

  1. You are going to LOVE Google Classroom, Sharon! It’s so simply to use. Try to push for your students to create on Googledocs instead of Word, though. It makes it easier to comment on work. One other thing, if you have already created documents in Word and are using Google Drive/Docs, under the setting tab (the gear-looking wheel) click on “Settings” and check the box that says Convert… (I think it’s the second option). This will automatically convert anything you place in Drive automatically, no fuss, to a Google Doc.


  2. I love My Storybook, too. I played around with it but I didn’t import my own pictures into it. That’s what I want to try to figure out next. I think it would be an excellent tool for summarizing.


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