Gimme a B, gimme an L, gimme an O, gimme a G!



cheerleader-673490_1920 (1).jpg

Image from Pixabay: CC0

After checking out several blogs this week, the one I was most impressed by and chose to follow was Gwyneth Jones’ Daring Librarian blog. What stood out to me was her positivity and enthusiasm. Even her page design is vibrant and energetic. As we begin to open up a new school year, I found her energy contagious. Her comments about reflection and starting anew each year resonated with me, particularly this year as I prepare to begin a job at a new school. I have found myself very anxious as the time has drawn near, but Gwyneth’s blog made me refocus on the excitement and promise that comes each August. She even made reference to my long held belief that the teacher’s lounge is often a cesspool of negativity to be avoided at all costs. I will follow this blog as I’m certain Ms. Jones will continue to post inspirational, positive, helpful posts throughout the year. Not only is she presenting handy tips for libraries and classrooms but she is sowing seeds of positivity too. What a great approach to blogging.



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